Psychoticorp's United Political Party, also known as P.U.P.P. is a political party that was started by PsychotiCorp's CEO Dr. Psychotic. As part of his diabolical plot to take over the world, he formed a party that can serve as the vehicle by which he plans to attain his power. With the staunch backing of various labor unions such as the united toilet plunger's front, he feels he has the grass-root support necessary in starting a national movement.
Also, with the financial backing of his corporation, PsychotiCorp, and its hired henchmen, the mad doctor believes firmly that time is on his side. He has even helped to install third world dictators like the rather menacing looking individual depicted above. This site features all of his bought and paid for candidates who will conform to his every whim.

Quite often, when we go to the polls to vote, we realize that there isn't anyone running that truly represents any of the things we value. That's where our party comes in. We think that we're the ultimate protest vote. Show your disgust for the people running by voting for one of our candidates. That ought to show them. After all, could you do any worse? We currently have a few candidates available and hope that you take the time to consider them. Please get involved and work to get others involved in the process as well. Remember, we are nothing without your support. Of course we ain't much with it either. Below, we have some of our candidates listed. Check them out.
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