Meet Bubba Ray Jones: PsychotiCorp's Redneck Candidate For Governor

Hey, for any state that will be having a Gubernatorial race this year, just write good ol' Bubba in!

Bubba Ray Jones' take on the issues

Bubba Ray Promises:

A pickup in every garage
and a keg in every kitchen

Gosh, I hardly knows where to starts.  I know there's a lot of peoples out there that are just-a-hopin' that a regular type of feller could be elected governor of their state.  Cuz they figures that a regular type of feller knows what's important to them.  Well I aims to be that feller!  I know most peoples like their beer and their pickup trucks and their pizza-pie and stuff.  And I knows that fer-a-sure.  So here's what I suppose:There is a lot of folks on welfare and peoples talkin' bout welfare bein' reformed and made better and all. Well I thinks if you allows food stamps to pay fer beer, I think that'd be a good place to start.

Then you has people sayin' that smokin' whacky tobacky kills brain cells. I don't believe that none at all. I been smokin' it fer years and I'm still just as sharp as I've always been. So let's make it legal. So those is just a couple of idears I has that will make the world a better place. So help me get elected and I'm sure I'll come up with some more. I just knows it!
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