Life on the Campaign Trail Sure Can Be Tough  


But no matter how tough things get we will carry on in our struggle to attain power.

It's that special combination of being hit in the eye with a rock, the shouting of obscenities and mean-spirited picket signs that really make for a tough campaign.  We, however, believe that we will prevail in the end.  Then, once in power, we intend to exact punishment on all those who opposed us along the way.  Especially that guy who hit me in the eye with that frickin' rock.  Man that smarts!  But what really gets me though is how some people can't just be satisfied with simply saying that I suck.  In fact, they feel compelled to go through the additional effort of painstakingly handcrafting a sign that says that I suck.  How much free time do you people have on your hands anyway?  I had a speech prepared and everything too.  Okay, so maybe it wasn't all typed up and really official looking.  But who cares if it's in crayon?  I can still read it.  At least before my eye swelled up I could have read it. 
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