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We're looking for a few good Yes men.  People who can't think for themselves and constantly rely upon the opinions and suggestions of others.  The blind who are willing to be led by the deaf and dumb.  So if you're willing to turn a blind eye to reality and all that it represents, you may just be right for membership in our organization.  Notice the picture to the left.  It's a very slight nod.  We'll however accept this as a full nod and therefore an enthusiastic yes.  Can you handle that?  We thought so.  The real trick is to be able to do that no matter what ridiculous idea may come your way.  Still feel you're up to the task?  Then fill out the application below.

Fill out this application and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What position are you interested in applying for? 
  Fund Raising Solicitation/Phone Nag
Must be able to nag people into making generous contributions and keep calling no 
matter how many times they hang up or say no.
   Campain Manager/Senior Douche Bag
Must be deceptive and pretty much evil as all hell.
  Heckler To Heckle Opposing Candidates On Their Campaign Stops
Loud, obnoxious and irritating people need only apply.  You must have all 3 qualities.
Scratchy voice a plus.  We'll provide free beer to minimize your inhibitions.

  Lying And Propaganda Department Member
Every campaign needs a team of creative people to fabricate the best lies or propaganda.

 Public Relations/ Damage Control
Capable people able to undo all the damage we do every time we open up our mouths.

 Enthusiastic Supporter
People to blend in with the crowds at our campaign stops and fake enthusiasm for our

Someone to blame when our campaigns fail.

Great night vision necessary in order to be effectively able to lurk in the shadows.

 Yes Man/Yes Woman-Every Campaign Needs Them. 
Must be able to agree with a candidate's most ridiculous policy ideas.

Of the choices listed below, which would you say best describes you?  

 Easily Misled

 Overly trusting
We are an equal opportunity employer:
That means that we are more than happy to hire illegal aliens.
No Social Security Card Needed, we'll print one up for you.

Any comments?   

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