Let's Meet Gill Black: PsychotiCorp's Own Crony Candidate For The Senate


Gill Black's Upsettysburg Address

Four Whores and seven beers ago, the half-assed ideas I brought forth became the basis for my political platform.  I have led many causes for the moronic masses.  So I can be an inspiration for the others of my kind: The average increasingly ignorant, brain-dead American who only watches reality TV because that's all my stupid ass can follow, type of person.  I, as an example of our failing public school system, will show why little Johnny can't read.  But even that's okay, cuz America's intellectual standards are declining faster than its morals.  So, don't be an idiot by voting for just any old moron, vote for me!
Look Maw, I'm Givin' A Speech On TV!

Little Bus


Out of stupidity we are united


Don't just waste your vote, waste your intellect too, write in Gill Black for Senate!

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